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My name is Nicky Adele and welcome to Sunshine Lash Spa...


I offer classic and volume eyelash extensions from my private studio in my rural studio 5 minutes from Kimberley - welcome to the Bomb Shell that is you.  I offer MEGA volume lashes and am LA trained...  I also now offer lash lifts and tints and teeth whitening....  

You can either text or call me 250-602-9188 to book.  Or you can like my facebook or instagram pages and book right from there click on my website address.    The best sampling of my work is on my instagram page, so please follow me there for a sampling of my portfolio @sunshinelashspa

I have 8 years of experience behind me and trained with the top artists am carrying on the high end tradition that I am trained in - each set is a work of pride for me.   I am also a lash educator and graduate many new artists from my Lash Academy.  So you know with me you are getting the best of the best.  

What are lash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a beautiful way to enhance your natural beauty.  Basically we take a single lash at a time and isolate it with tweezers and then carefully place an extension (or a fan of extensions for volume lashing) on your natural lash after having dipped it in medical grade glue.  You don't notice you have them on as the seamlessly blend with your natural lashes.

The end result is very natural but has great impact.  Eyelash extensions greatly enhance what you already have and really pop open your eyes.  I offer the classic and volume eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions do not ruin your natural eyelashes and you need to follow proper eyelash extension aftercare, very important to follow the lash care I suggest.  In fact, eyelash extensions means you skip mascara which often is an irritant to many.  My clients note that having eyelash extensions mean they always are ready to go, and just need minimal makeup to step out of the house.  A lot of time is saved in your daily routine with eyelash extensions.

How do I get them and how long do I need?

OK, so the first set of eyelash extensions takes about two to two and half hours to install and a fill about 45 minutes to an hour, depending on lash loss.  You save time every day though on your makeup routine and so this works out well. You need to show up with a clean face and absolutely no mascara or other makeup on your lashes.  I do clean them but if you show up clean the set stays on much better.

What now after I have my first set?

I recommend a fill of your eyelash extensions every two and a half weeks.  If you wait longer than three weeks often the lash loss is significant and I would have to charge more.  Also keeping the lashes makeup free and following proper care greatly enhances their longevity.  Other factors affect how often you need to come for a fill such as natural lash cycles where lashes are lost more quickly, environmental factors, hormones, products you use and much more.

Your eyelash extensions fall out each day with the natural loss of your own lashes.

How do I know if eyelash extensions are for me?

Best way is to come for a set and try them out.  I promise you wont regret trying them.

Come see what you look like as a Bomb Shell.

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